"(zero) SumGame"

"(zero) SumGame"

Wall Art Size

Add Paragraph about specific piece here:  i.e.Mimesis of Circuitry delivers a powerful incentive to rethink technological use and innovate beyond all existing paradigms...



"Framed":  Accentuating these pioneering works without detraction, KWA's Ebonized Sapele Mahogany Picture Mouldings deliver exquisite elegance in a stunningly cinematic presentation.


The power of 100% hardwood, its grain cast in cinematic black glimmering in a beautiful glare-free sheen, delivers the subtlety of extreme contrast to these inordinately colorful works. All elements of the "Framed" option are selected and expertly handcrafted by the artist.  More


"Just the Print" means the exquisite KWA still frame image of your choice meticulously color corrected for a perfect presentation on our chosen print medium and ink (Photographic Cotton Rag Baryta by Hahnemühle® and Epson UltraChrome Professional Ink). Once printed your piece is allowed to cure and is then coated with a very special print protectant that both protects and improves the presentation of your chosen image.


Your piece is then Authenticated and Registered to you using Hahnemühle's Artwork Protection Hologram System ensuring clear and undisputed provenance. These processes combined enable you to obtain a lifetime of value from your investments with us.  See additional details on our media, ink and provenance processes here.




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    kwa.us is a contemporary abstract filmmakers interpretation of non narrative film as avant garde contemporary art and non objective fine art photography.