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You got "Framed": KWA Wall Art Package Details

Updated: Mar 24

Accentuating these pioneering works without detraction, KWA's Ebonized Sapele Mahogany picture moldings deliver exquisite elegance in a stunningly cinematic presentation.

The power of 100% hardwood, its grain cast in cinematic black glimmering in a beautiful glare-free sheen, delivers the subtlety of extreme contrast to these inordinately colorful works. All elements of the "Framed" option are selected and expertly handcrafted by the artist.

The Elements:

Sapele Mahogany Picture Moulding: Sapele is a large hardwood that has a widespread growth range across Africa. Renowned for its wide (6'+) straight trunk and having little to no branching below 80 feet (therefor no knots!).

Sapele is more dense and nearly twice as hard as other members of the Meliaceae (Mahogony) family. Its tighter grain and pore structure make it almost completely rot and weather resistant. Sapele yields a very straight, stable, sturdy moulding with a beautiful interlocking ribbon striped grain embellishing its rich auburn heartwood.

Ebonizing: The traditional process, as completed by the artist in this case, is to apply a combination of Tannic Acid and Ferric Acetate to exposed wood that is itself high in tannins. This chemical combination reacts to the tannins inherent to the wood itself, providing a deep dark hue that both enhances the grain and delivers natural appearance of Ebony.

Mounting: The piece you select will be "Cold Roll Press Mounted Full Bleed". Meaning our roll press applies uniform pressure to SEAL® pressure sensitive mounting adhesive to a very rigid lightweight and durable substrate known as "Gatorboard" with no border or mat board used in the process.

"Full Bleed" ensures nothing gets in the way (i.e. mat board or a border) of these stunning images. And our "Cold Press Mounting" process delivers a very strong, permanent bond to the rigid substrate without the use of heat or laminate coating, which degrade or even damage fine photographic works of art.

The Hang (Interlocking Cleat and Remaining Elements):

Your piece will come with a pair of interlocking cleats complete with instructions, special screws and an integrated level to ensure all is in order before you hang. We include "Wall Dog" screws which Do Not Require Studs!, also work well in concrete, masonry... and hold up to 75 lbs per screw. This will enable you to hang your piece exactly where you want and importantly have it stay there without drooping or drifting as is frequent with the common D-Ring + Wire approach.