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60%22 The Co. Office.png

"The Company (you keep)"  48" X 85"

48%22 Office Overton.png

"Far Outside Overton's Window"  48" X 85"

Kwa with Mobilus.png

KWA with a 48" X 85" Print of "Mobilus in Mobili"

300 DPI for EMAF_edited.jpg

"Mobilus in Mobili" Still Frame from Motion Picture


"An Aberration's Station" Still Frame from Motion Picture

60%22 Consequence Office in Situ.png

"The Consequence of Sound"  60" X 107"

3840pix thumbnail finnish.jpg

"Nomen est Omen (Finish)Still Frame from Motion Picture

31921 KWA Gallery.png
60_ Praxis.png

"The Praxis"  60" X 107"

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